New Job!


Finally- after months and months of job hunting and months of disappointment- I have FINALLY landed myself with a new job in the area I want to work in most, fashion retailing!

Starting last Thursday, I became a sales assistant at Crew Clothing Co. and I honestly love it! I’ve always been so interested in fashion and after how ~horrific~ university went I’m happy to be starting fresh. Though just part time- for now at least ;)- I can’t wait to see where this takes me.

Crew Clothing Co. started off as a small business in Salcombe selling rugby shirts but quickly expanded and is now a fab, smart casual company which echoes Jack Wills and Ralph Lauren (in my opinion at least) and filled with stripes.

It’ll beat working with feet any day- bye frumpy granny shoes! Oh, how you’ll not be missed!!

First day at Crew vibes!!