5 Days In..

If you’ve given my previous blog post a read, you’ll know I’m doing a ‘6 week weight loss challenge’ during which I have to aim to lose a stone in weight.

For someone who adores food and is somewhat of a pig, I thought I was about embark on a huge struggle of craving burgers and donuts nonstop and struggle to come to terms with the fact I need to shift my bum from watching Loose Women to getting out and going to get some exercise.

I’m now 5 days in – not far, I know – but so far I’ve not dove into a bag of sugared donuts or ate a million bars of chocolate and I’ve actually not wanted to! Though I’ve mainly eaten chicken and salads this week, I’m actually enjoying eating healthier!

With the 6 week challenge I am on, I am supposed to calorie count and stick to around 1200-1400 a day and go to at least 3 exercise classes a week; one HiiT class, one toning class and one cardio class. 

So far I’ve been on the lower side of the calories, sometimes a little below so I need to work out how to make my meals and snacks stretch out to at least 1200 calories. I’ve managed two classes this week; legs, bums and tums (toning) and piloxing (a mix of standing pilates and boxing, cardio) and completed an at home HiiT session.

Honestly, I’m feeling exhausted but healthier! Sometimes a panic Slim Fast shake and spag bol are purchased as a quick work break meal – but that’s okay! I just need to get in the swing of balanced meals and exercising!

5 more weeks to go!

6 Weeks Until My Next Donut

At the beginning of this month I wrote about the end of January, the end of my ‘trial month’ but that trial month seemed to slip a little into February..

After a massively unhealthy month with lots of drinking and meals out, I embark on a health kick.

I have officially signed up for a ‘6 week weight loss challenge’. For the next six weeks I’ll be on a fairly strict diet and exercising my heart out! Hopefully at the end of those six weeks I’ll be a stone lighter and a lot happier with my body.

Maybe this is what I need to really start my beach body! Here’s to all the avocados and sweaty gym classes! (And to the box of Krispy Kreme donuts at the end of it)

2017’s Trial Month is Over!

Hello February!
Now that January (what I call the ‘trial month’ of each year) is over I can really start to focus on reaching for my goals for the year!
I welcomed January with illness, little body confidence and a clear mind. I set out goals, had fun and reached some smaller goals – like helping set up a window display at work!

The ‘How to do smart. casual.’ window display at Crew Clothing Co., Morpeth

But now it’s time to start buckling down and figure out how I’m going to go about my year. 
This month, saving money seems like the impossible with nights out for birthdays and leaving dos, Valentine’s day, a year of being with James and so much more. However, I’m going to really start with eating better, hopefully more exercise if my back will ever allow it and maybe even the purchase of my provisional driving license!

Me and James after a date night at Miller and Carter Steakhouse 

Here is to February!