One More Off The List!


I’m ticking off another of my 101 in 1001 by visiting Portugal for the first time and it’s gorgeous!

While spending some time with my boyfriend and his family, I’m getting some much needed sun time in a villa near by Carvoeiro and it’s such a lovely town.

Arriving on Sunday I’ve done plenty of walking, sunning, eating tapas and definitely consuming my body weight in rosè wine (oops) 

The temperature is getting higher each day and my skin getting closer and closer to looking like Larry the Lobster despite plenty of factor 30 + 50 sun creams going on. 

Once I get back home I may do a “5 things you must do in Carvoeiro” post companied with the outfits I wore to each activity. But for now, I’m going to not be blogging and enjoy the rest of my holiday – see ya Sunday, England!

Bex x

It’s Gonna Be.. May!

(Sorry for the Nsync lyric)

It’s finally May! Hopefully the the British weather will pick itself up so I can finally get the BBQ out!

But even if the weather here decides to be a little lackluster, it totally doesn’t matter as by the last week of the month I’ll be living it up in a villa in sunny Portugal! So I suppose I best get some holiday clothes, some sun cream and as many inflatable flamingoes as possible!!

This month I’m going to start trying to make the effort to get really into style blogging – if anyone has any tips on helping me get started feel free to comment and help a girl out!

Enjoy May, everyone!

Bex x

Happy Easter!

It’s Easter Sunday!! Hope everyone has enjoyed drinks and as many Easter eggs as they could handle in one sitting!

I love Easter as it always brings my family together for a slap up meal and a good time, just like Christmas. This year I’ve spent it at my uncle’s in Hexham – which is excellent (or should I say eggsellent) news as he is a fab cook!

After a busy day of attempting to hit a golf ball at the driving range and constant car park space hunting in Tynemouth yesterday with James, I’m happy to have had a comfy and relaxed Sunday with the family. 

I decided a loose fitting top was a must, so I went for my trusty stripy knit top  – anything comfortable and stripy is good in my books! I paired this with some skinny jeans and my hand-me-down Barbour, thanks the the good ol’ British weather!

Top: H&M   Jeans: Crew Clothing Co   Bag: Accessorize

The meal was cracking – as always – as we had lamb, potato gratin and broad beans followed by as many cakes as we could possibly fit onto the table. We followed our feast with a soggy walk to Hexham’s daffodil fields and back to the house – it’s safe to say I should have remembered to at least bring a hat with me as I got totally soaked!! (So excuse my very wet, very scruffy dry shampooed hair)

But despite the diet being in ruins and catching a sniffle from the rain, I have had a brilliant Easter and I hope everyone else has too!

Bex x

A Lot Can Happen In A Week..

Happy Monday everyone – it’s the start of a new week and I, for one, have no idea what to do with myself after how busy last week was!

Last week started off quite chill by not having much to do other than attend my usual gym classes on Monday and Tuesday morning – with an added shopping trip into town with my mum on the Monday afternoon.

Wednesday was slightly more hectic and nerve inducing as I went to college for an interview for the fashion retail and enterprise foundation course. I had prepared a mood board with an upcoming trend and with summer on the horizon, I opted for a boho chic trend and stated how it develops from year to year. I’m so incredibly proud to say I received an UNCONDITIONAL OFFER ON THE SPOT! I’m so so happy as this means I can officially cross off something on my 101 in 1001 list!!

Not my best work, I’ll admit but it did the trick!

Bounce to Thursday and my boyfriend, James, surprises me with a 2 night stay in luxury spa and hotel, Slaley Hall. The room was lovely, the food absolutely amazing and for once the British weather was beautiful which made our stay even better. On Friday we even had a little trip out to Hexham for some lunch at the Little Angel’s Cafè and a wander around the Sele. Our time at Slaley Hall was absolutely magical and perfect for our first little getaway together.

View from our room at Slaley Hall, looking out onto the golf course

Tomato and red pepper soup from The Little Angel Cafè, Hexham

Me and James before a few drinks and a meal

Saturday morning we arrived back in Morpeth just in time for a quick shower and change before heading off to my Gran and Grandad’s golden wedding anniversary (you have have seen my previous post about the place cards I had written out for the day!) It was great being able to celebrate their 50 years of marriage around family and friends with James – though my dad may have talked his ear off a tad.

Now, finally, to Sunday. Mother’s Day. Another beautifully sunny and warm day, perfect for our little walk along the river before heading to our favourite Italians for lunch! I love my mum and think you shouldn’t just wait until one day of the year to show her how much she means to me but still, you have to join in with the tradition of spoiling her on this day! 

My gift to my mum on Mothers Day; watercolour painting in silver frame

As you can see, I’ve had quite a busy week! Thank goodness I had decided to take some holiday from work or I don’t know how on earth I’d of fit everything in! However, after such a fabulous week comes the week after.

This week is the last week of my six week weight loss challenge – and as it stands I’m not looking forward to seeing the results. After all the meals out last week I am dreading to think what the scales will say but I have a week to try and turn it all around!

Fingers crossed and time for lots of soup and gym classes! As I’ve said, a lot can happen in a week!


To yet another striped item of clothing!!

Yes, again I have caved and bought myself a new stripy garment, but this time I’ve ventured out of the breton world and bought a shirt!

Well.. a popover shirt, but it still counts!!

 CREW CLOTHING CO. multi stripe popover shirt in ‘classic blue/white’

I’ve recently had to curb my spending which is slowly killing me inside (as well as the no donuts for 6 weeks, why did I decide strict dieting was a good idea?!) so this little purchase has perked me up a tad.

Here’s to saving to learn to drive and ~potentially~ funding college supplies, WOO!

Ahh, stripes!

Bex x

Hurry Up, Little Miss King!

Yesterday was my cousin’s girlfriend’s baby shower – it’s a mouthful, I know. I got to spend my afternoon gushing over the next Miss King to entire the family while surrounded by adorable baby clothes and playing ‘baby bingo’.

The baby shower took place at her mum’s house (or mam, if you’re from the north east) so the dress code was just casual. I just ended up wearing a plain black top tucked into some jeans but I dressed it up a little with some rose gold jewellery.

And of course I had to throw on my pink coat to match the baby girl theme – also, excuse my horrifically dirty mirror and whatever face it is that I’m making.

After seeing all those cute pink clothes and fluffy blankets, I can’t wait to meet the next little Miss King!

Me and the mammy to be, Laura. 

Hello 2017 

IT’S THE NEW YEAR…. And I’m about a week late posting about it thanks to welcoming 2017 with a week of flu.
In 2016 I decided to leave university after my first year having realised it wasn’t quite for me, I fell in love, bagged myself a sales job at British fashion label, Crew Clothing Company and visited New York City. So, as years go, my 2016 wasn’t a disaster but I’m determined to make 2017 a better year.

This year, I’m laying out five goals to achieve:

  • Finally learn to drive (or at least start my lessons)
  • Get fit and lose weight – cliché, I know, but it is about time I put that gym membership to good use
  • Travel more
  • Remember to actually blog the things I do with my life – even if it is something as simple as baking brownies
  • Develop and define my style

Cheers to 2017!! x