A Lot Can Happen In A Week..

Happy Monday everyone – it’s the start of a new week and I, for one, have no idea what to do with myself after how busy last week was!

Last week started off quite chill by not having much to do other than attend my usual gym classes on Monday and Tuesday morning – with an added shopping trip into town with my mum on the Monday afternoon.

Wednesday was slightly more hectic and nerve inducing as I went to college for an interview for the fashion retail and enterprise foundation course. I had prepared a mood board with an upcoming trend and with summer on the horizon, I opted for a boho chic trend and stated how it develops from year to year. I’m so incredibly proud to say I received an UNCONDITIONAL OFFER ON THE SPOT! I’m so so happy as this means I can officially cross off something on my 101 in 1001 list!!

Not my best work, I’ll admit but it did the trick!

Bounce to Thursday and my boyfriend, James, surprises me with a 2 night stay in luxury spa and hotel, Slaley Hall. The room was lovely, the food absolutely amazing and for once the British weather was beautiful which made our stay even better. On Friday we even had a little trip out to Hexham for some lunch at the Little Angel’s Cafรจ and a wander around the Sele. Our time at Slaley Hall was absolutely magical and perfect for our first little getaway together.

View from our room at Slaley Hall, looking out onto the golf course

Tomato and red pepper soup from The Little Angel Cafรจ, Hexham

Me and James before a few drinks and a meal

Saturday morning we arrived back in Morpeth just in time for a quick shower and change before heading off to my Gran and Grandad’s golden wedding anniversary (you have have seen my previous post about the place cards I had written out for the day!) It was great being able to celebrate their 50 years of marriage around family and friends with James – though my dad may have talked his ear off a tad.

Now, finally, to Sunday. Mother’s Day. Another beautifully sunny and warm day, perfect for our little walk along the river before heading to our favourite Italians for lunch! I love my mum and think you shouldn’t just wait until one day of the year to show her how much she means to me but still, you have to join in with the tradition of spoiling her on this day! 

My gift to my mum on Mothers Day; watercolour painting in silver frame

As you can see, I’ve had quite a busy week! Thank goodness I had decided to take some holiday from work or I don’t know how on earth I’d of fit everything in! However, after such a fabulous week comes the week after.

This week is the last week of my six week weight loss challenge – and as it stands I’m not looking forward to seeing the results. After all the meals out last week I am dreading to think what the scales will say but I have a week to try and turn it all around!

Fingers crossed and time for lots of soup and gym classes! As I’ve said, a lot can happen in a week!

3/6 Weeks & A 1001 Day Challenge

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know I’ve been taking part in a 6 week weight loss challenge. Today I went to the gym for my half way through weigh in and…

I’m 6 pounds lighter!!

So I’m roughly half a stone lighter, which I am so thrilled about as I am bang on target to reach my goal of losing a stone. Fingers crossed that the next six weeks are just as successful.

And now I’ve started a new challenge as well as my weight loss challenge!

Today marks the start of my ‘101 things in 1001 days’. I have written a list of 101 things which I am to complete in the next 1001 days, ending in December 2019!

I felt inspired while reading another blogger’s list and decided to give it a go for myself!

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 16.53.06

Feel free to click the link below and have a read through my list, and hopefully I inspire you to make your own!!


Bex x

2017’s Trial Month is Over!

Hello February!
Now that January (what I call the ‘trial month’ of each year) is over I can really start to focus on reaching for my goals for the year!
I welcomed January with illness, little body confidence and a clear mind. I set out goals, had fun and reached some smaller goals – like helping set up a window display at work!

The ‘How to do smart. casual.’ window display at Crew Clothing Co., Morpeth

But now it’s time to start buckling down and figure out how I’m going to go about my year. 
This month, saving money seems like the impossible with nights out for birthdays and leaving dos, Valentine’s day, a year of being with James and so much more. However, I’m going to really start with eating better, hopefully more exercise if my back will ever allow it and maybe even the purchase of my provisional driving license!

Me and James after a date night at Miller and Carter Steakhouse 

Here is to February!

New Job!


Finally- after months and months of job hunting and months of disappointment- I have FINALLY landed myself with a new job in the area I want to work in most, fashion retailing!

Starting last Thursday, I became a sales assistant at Crew Clothing Co. and I honestly love it! I’ve always been so interested in fashion and after how ~horrific~ university went I’m happy to be starting fresh. Though just part time- for now at least ;)- I can’t wait to see where this takes me.

Crew Clothing Co. started off as a small business in Salcombe selling rugby shirts but quickly expanded and is now a fab, smart casual company which echoes Jack Wills and Ralph Lauren (in my opinion at least) and filled with stripes.

It’ll beat working with feet any day- bye frumpy granny shoes! Oh, how you’ll not be missed!!

First day at Crew vibes!!